• Camphire 2020 April News & Covid-19

    Posted on On April 5, 2020

    Currently preparations for the 2020 Camphire International Horse Trials and Country Fair are continuing, but the Camphire International Committee are monitoring all developments in relation to COVID-19. We are adhering to the advice of the Irish Government and HSE in relation to the necessary precautions. As the situation changes over the coming weeks, we will be in a better position to update equestrian and trade exhibitors and the public in relation to the Event.

    We always conscious of the health and safety of our visitors and of the health and safety of the wider public. We work to ensure that we operate as safe an environment as possible for visitors at all times, this includes measures to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases. 

    We are following the updated guidelines outlined by Government in relation to COVID-19. For more information please visit here

    Further information from the HSE on the Coronavirus can be found here: HSE Coronavirus Overview